Performance Health Training

At OSP, our tagline is: “Don’t use machines, BECOME ONE!” – and our mission is simple: “Help people restore, and build on, their health and performance through functional training and nutrition coaching!”

As experts in anatomy, physiology, and nutrition, we fundamentally understand that quality systems lead to quality outcomes!

Performance Health Training uses custom, high-energy workouts that are done in as little as 2-3 hours a week and focuses primarily on nutrition, mobility, strength, and power!

Performance Health Training teaches you how to:

  • Make positive food choices that will shape and direct your health, body composition, performance, and well-being!
  • Correct movement patterns and improve movement efficiency so that you can master your body, turn back your clock, and move toward the direction of health!
  • Maximize your cardiovascular health and stamina so that you can fight metabolic diseases related to high blood sugar, increases blood pressure, and excess body fat!
  • Develop a stronger core so you can improve your balance and coordination, build resiliency against injuries, and build more functional strength!

Performance Health Training means training smarter! Each method is unique to the individual – based on physical capabilities, current starting point, and fitness goals!