Nutrition Coaching

Food is smart – and so is your body!

If you’ve spent any time doing “calorie” math, you know that trying to calculate precise input/output for your body is frustrating.

Maybe you ate more food throughout the week and got leaner or started skipping breakfast and added a couple pounds – personally experiencing how complex, dynamic, and sensitive our bodies are.

Every food decision we make sends a message to our body. Do this. Don’t do this. Release this hormone. Don’t express this protein. Switch these genes off and on. The list goes on!

Fundamentally, nutrition coaching at OSP is about two things:

  • Helping you change
  • Helping you take meaningful action in your own life

Eating the right foods – in the right amounts and at the right times – gives your body the raw materials it needs to properly repair and rebuild itself!

And as part of the coaching process, we will help you:

  • Identify and clarify your values, priorities, and goals
  • Define what “progress” is, and how to measure it
  • Set realistic expectations and decide on trade-offs

Good nutrition is NOT about “following the rules”, “being strict”, or “counting macros”…

Good nutrition is, however, about food quality and positive eating behaviors that enable happier, healthier, and fuller lives by means of eliminating nutrient deficiencies, controlling appetite and food intake, and promoting regular exercise!