Of course we all want to move better and feel better in day-to-day lives, but what are you doing right now to help with that? Stretching and strengthening stiff muscles helps improve joint pain and mobility and adds bone mineral density!

Check out our video library below to find out how you can stop medicating to mask your pain and get strong so you can relieve it and maintain your physical ability and independence throughout your entire adulthood!

Ankle Mobility - Relieve your foot pain with this simple move!
Chest Stretch - Your new Chest Day hangover cure!
Wall Slides, pt. 1 - Bum shoulders giving you a problem? Maybe this move will help!
Kneeling Wall Stretch - Use this stretch to help improve speed!
Door Squat - Here’s an easy AND effective way to work on your squat!
Neck Roll, pt. 1 - Relieve neck tension while laying in BED!
Piriformis Wall Stretch - Sciatica can be a real PAIN! Here’s one stretch to help provide relief!
Side Bridge - The post-running knee pain cure!
Wall Slides, pt. 2 - Simple, quick, and effective way to relieve shoulder pain!
Knee Drops - Low back pain?! Not anymore!
Yoga Push-up - Help eliminate shoulder pain in the overhead position!
Bird Dog - This is a great move to help improve core stability/mobility/strength!
Over/Under Reaches - Help relieve back pain with this dynamic stretch!
Neck Roll, pt. 2 - Use this move to help combat head and neck pain!
Kneeling Lunge w/ Twist - Tight hip and low back pain? Use this stretch for a little relief!
Prone Shoulder Abduction - Do this to help fix upper back/shoulder pain!
Straight-leg Crossover - The SLCO is a great way to add mobility to the hips and lower spine!
Glute Bridge w/ Opposite Reach - BACK at it!
Adductor Rock - Tight inner thigh muscles = knee/back pain..fix it with this stretch!
Internal/External Shoulder Rotation - Shoulder pain gone in 60s!
Don’t be a VICTIM of low back pain! Do this move now!
Wrist MOB - Don’t be a victim of carpel tunnel syndrome! Do this now!
LOW BACK PAIN SUCKS! - Try this move today!!