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Group Training
Hybrid Strength

Hybrid Strength incorporates principles of mobility, strength training, and metabolic conditioning to protect you against injuries and gain improvements in relative strength, coordination, and balance.

Partner Training
The Buddy System

Workout as a team, see personal results! Partner Training is a great way to increase the effort of training intensity while maintaining the motivation to set new boundaries during each session.

Personal Training
Better Body, Better You

Taking your workout to the next level is all about starting with a strong foundation. Everyone’s individual goals, body type, and physical abilities are unique; but one thing holds true for us all: results matter most!



The number one predictor of an injury is a past injury. Identifying such key risk factors and working through these problems are the top priority of your program.



Proper technique, strength training, functional conditioning, and stretching all go a long way in preventing some of your most serious sports injuries.



Although some injuries are inevitable, playing sports safely isn't about limiting yourself -- it's about being resilient so you can keep playing at your greatest potential!

Meet Your Coach

Antonio McChriston, an Ocala native, is the Owner and Director of Strength & Conditioning at Ocala Sports Performance and has earned a Bachelor’s Degree (2012) and Master’s Degree (2014) in Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Public Health from the University of South Florida. In addition, Antonio also has an industry-leading and internationally recognized Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification.


Notably, Antonio was a Strength & Conditioning Coach for the current MLB World Series Champion Houston Astros but also has 5+ years professional experience using an integrative core (shoulder, trunk, and hip) and metabolic approach to functional movement in a wide variety of training settings and populations ranging from teen and young adult athletes to post-rehab seniors.


Antoio McChriston, MS, CSCS

Bachelor's and Master's Degree from U of S. Florida - Exercise Science - Strength and Conditioning NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist ACSM Exercise Is Medicine Level 1

Why Ocala Sports Performance?

An intelligently structured Strength & Conditioning program at Ocala Sports Performance gives you full range of motion in your joints, limbs, and tissues; the motor control to express those ranges; and the ability to do so under actual physical load, metabolic and cardiorespiratory demand, speed, and stress. In other words, every movement performed in the gym will have a transferrable application to your sport and life!


Our metabolic training programs are backed by science and fundamental education and are guaranteed to help improve your health and perform better in your day-to-day life! Our programs are always uniquely tailored to your needs and capabilities to provide relief and protection from the most nagging injuries while improving your health, your body composition, and your physical performance!

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Ocala Sports Performance

2677 NW 10th Street, #7

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